Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Just to make this explicit: CMF trunk should continue to run with Zope
> 2.12 and not only with 2.13, correct?

Yes. At least until there is an explicit decision to drop 2.12 
compatibility. So far I can't see a good reason for dropping BBB.

> If so, I'll add a second test
> runner to the buildout, so it's easier to ensure this.

Looks like you did that already.

> On a related note, if I'm going to backport the five.formlib
> extraction to 2.12, it would it be ok to depend on a 2.12.3 release
> for CMF 2.2 with this stuff in it, right?

I can live with dropping support for Zope 2.12.2 if 2.12.3 is released. 
It's always recommended to use the latest bugfix release of Zope.

On the other hand we would just need a few try except imports to keep BBB.



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