Am 04.03.2010, 12:43 Uhr, schrieb Miles Waller  

> Hello!
> A long time ago, I proposed a change so that applications could customise
> the expression context.
> I've only just got round to making the change, and was going to check it  
> in
> - as it was so long ago, I thought I'd flag it up first in case opinions
> have changed.

Seems I'm not the only the one who takes a while to get a round tuit! ;-)

I think there is some merit in your suggestion but I'm reminded a bit of  
discussion I had recently with Yuppie about the new add expressions -  
although after re-reading it I can't quite put my finger on it but I think  
there was something about the limits of actions. Of course, type specific  
actions should be okay which reminds me - the deprectation notice is still  
on the screen, I thought we were going to take it down again or what's  
wrong with type-specific actions?

> Also, I have an opportunity to play a bit with zope 3, which I haven't
> looked at before.  I've only looked at it for a few minutes, but was
> wondering - is there is a library that basically provides the same
> APIs/interfaces as CMF does in zope 2?  I'm basically just grasping  
> around
> for some way to get going quickly with updating some existing apps ...  
> but
> suspect there aren't any (shortcuts that is, I have plenty of existing
> apps)  :-/

 From the discussions I've had no one is going Zope2 + CMF -> Blue Bream,  
the application server formerly known as Zope 3, as it just doesn't work.  
What I've found works really well is to use as much Zope 3 as possible  
 from Zope2 allowing you to migrate at your own pace with a mixture of  
PythonScripts and BrowserViews (definitely more manageable over time).

Or, if you have something small and you want to do without  
zope.kitchensink, you can try Grok or Repoze.bfg which I hope to use for  
my stuff in the future. If you are thinking of going this way I highly  
recommend Philip von Weiterhausen's book for a thorough grounding in the  
component architecture. Chris McDonough's new book on BFG is worth it as  
well because it is based entirely on the project documentation, an area  
where we've traditionally been extremely weak.

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