I made my first SVG animation this weekend and had almost as much fun  
getting it to play nicely with Zope as I did writing the animation! Even  
though browser support is still very patchy - only Opera and webkit  
(Safari, Chrome, Nokia) can handle animations - it does provide an  
extremely compact alternative to Flash for simple animations*. Firefox is  
due to support animation in the next patch release of Gecko, though who  
knows when that may be! For Internet Explorer you can use either a plugin  
or Google's javascript library http://code.google.com/p/svgweb/ - hardly  
worth it for one-offs as it's a 2,5 MB monster that still relies on Flash.

Anyway having tried a few things the question I have is, what's the best  
way of supporting svg in the CMF?

Currently the easiest approach isusing a .metadata file and registerting  
the .svg extension for FSFile because FSImage ignores .metadata and  
mimetypes altogether

Once image/svg+xml has been added to zope.contenttype.mime.types a  
separate .metadata file becomes unnecessary.

Would it be an idea to add content type checking based on mime types to  
FSImage's use of getImageInfo? Or is this too much of an edge case to be  
worth bothering with?


* For comparison:
http://www.begeistert.org/images/begeistert.svg is 2.4 kB
http://www.begeistert.org/images/begeistert022.swf is 29 kB
http://www.begeistert.org/images/begeistert022.gif 130 kB
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