on the basis of a current project I'm finally starting work on a pure CSS  
skin for CMFDefault. I'm on top of the HTML / CSS and should have  
something in trunk soonish. Whilst working on this a couple of things have  
struck me that might reasonably be part of this or at least associated  
with it. If you use BrowserViews and another CMF skin on top of  
CMFDefault, ie. add your own CSS and tweak main_template.pt and maybe a  
couple of other items, you can be in for some surprises: there is no  
*easy* way to disable local_pt interpolation and the news box because the  
folder/@@view.html has them hardwired and this has to be overwritten using  
Zope 3 skins. There is a workaround by setting such views back to their  
PythonScript equivalents but that strikes me as not the right way to go  
about it. Would it be preferable to look at contentproviders or viewlets  
for this? Contentproviders look easier to work with but without any way to  
register them for a particular skin - would this be a case for an  
overrides.zcml? An alternative would just to write views for the various  
as required such as been done for macros, and ursine_globals.

As you might see I'm a little confused at coming up with something that is  
going to be easy to customise so all feedback appreciated.

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