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Charlie Clark wrote:
> Am 01.04.2010, 08:29 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark <char...@begeistert.org>:
>> I'm not sure if this is a CMF or Zope bug but some views, such as
>> folder/view.html do not set the content-type properly which I think  
>> causes
>> problems for some browsers. If this is a bug, how can I about fixing it?
> After some more investigation I think this is a bug in  
> zope.pagetemplatefile: content sniffing only takes the <meta> tags for  
> content-type into account. Encoding will be set according to portal rules  
> but the comnbination can cause problems for some browsers (Firefox, at  
> least, ignores the charset and assumes latin-1). Furthermore, the  
> behaviour varies between the "classic" rendering and views. As views can  
> be configured without a dedicated class I can't see a CMF solution to this.
> To test simply add some non-ascii to the "ursa" or "were" main_templates  
> and call the @@view.html in Firefox. For some reason CMFDefault's  
> @@view.html still renders correctly. I guess this must be related to the  
> __init__ in ursa globals. This probably needs patching so the behaviour is  
> the same. At least we've got tests for this.
> I don't think depending on the meta declaration is the right approach.  
> I've seen it used incorrectly very often and it's supposed to be a hint  
> for the browser but will be overridden by the content-type in the header.

For a template, the <meta> tag should be correct, if present.  No
template cxcept for the main_template is likely ever to return that tag
to the browser, but there is no reason we shouldn't believe it when
loading the template as software.  I wouldn't require *any* template
outside the main_template to set the DOCTYPE:  the potential for bugs in
how ZPT (or chameleon) merge the "prefixes" of the documents is too high.

> Better to add proper detection for the HTML Doctype in  
> zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplatefile. I'm not sure about the charset - I  
> think there's a way to check for the character encoding "manually" using  
> the BOM and this should be used with the meta declaration as a fall-back  
> and there should be an error if there is a mismatch. Should I submit a bug  
> on this

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