Charlie Clark wrote:
> I'm currently working on a project which will hopefully have no TTW code
> so I was hoping to be do without skins - currently I have a my skin on top
> of CMFDefault but it is just main_template and some CSS. If I drop the CMF
> skins entirely I hit some problems as quite a few forms exist only in the
> skins so I'd like to start work on views where required. I suggest keeping
> all the views in "browser" but adding some packages such as "content",
> "membership" and "workflow". I started work on login and logout but I hit
> some problems with CookieCrumbler expecting the login form to have a URL.
> What does a view need to provide to work nicely with this?

I have a LoginFormView and a MailPasswordFormView in my private 
repository. They allow to insert the email address instead of the member 
id. The views look up the first user that matches the email address.

Maybe I should add them to CMFDefault? I guess they need just a few 
changes to be ready for checkin.


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