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> getUnauthorizedURL is already using restrictedTraverse. This only fails
> because it starts from self instead of the parent (=portal root) and the
> login form is usually not registered for the cookie crumbler.
> And it tries to call absolute_url(). Views don't have that method.

Thanks for the explanation.

Adding a method to the view is easy enough:

     def absolute_url(self):
         return "%s/%s" % (self.utool(),

Although this exposes some of the drawbacks of the current implementation.

> An other approach would be to look up the URLs in the Actions tool. The
> login URL is already specified in the 'user/login' Action, an invisible
> logged_out Action could be added. Long time ago the cookie crumbler had
> a stand alone version, so there are no dependencies on other tools. But
> now I would prefer to avoid redundant settings.

Makes sense. I can see logging in and out as special cases of actions -  
you shouldn't really be able to do without them. But they shouldn't be  
hard-coded into CookieCrumbler.

  Any idea why CookieCrumbler is a Folder?

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