Am 14.04.2010, 16:11 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark  

> The sandbox is kept pretty up to date but I'd forgotten to run buildout
> again. Some minor tests to fix it seems before I can commit.

Changes required to make tests pass:

* explicitly set the CookieCrumbler's id if passed on creation (like a  
folder). Ids are required by GenericSetup's import/export tests

I assumed it would be a good idea to make CookieCrumbler a unique object  
like the other tools but this breaks CookieCrumbler's own tests which  
depend on _setId() being used.

So - should CookieCrumbler be unique?

Incidentally when setId() is called Python 2.6 complains about the error  
message itself:

Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: exceptions must be old-style classes or derived from  
BaseException, not str

Do we need to fix this.

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