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> I doubt you need to understand the failure and patch the tests for this.
> With the id on class level they should work as before.

You're right. Only the import/export tests needed updating as they used  
another id.

> And please don't forget to remove the _create_forms code as well if
> CookieCrumbler is no longer a Folder.

Thanks for that.

Changes now committed to trunk.

>> I'll pick this up when I've made CookieCrumbler able to handle views.  
>> The
>> plan on this is
>> 1) Proper interface for CookieCrumbler
>> 2) Use actions for login/logout

> That also means you have to change the profile and add an upgrade step.

For the profile I assume you mean cookieauth.xml ? login/logout actions  
are already defined. Having never previously written an upgrade step I'm a  
little unclear as to how to go about this.

>> 3) Announce the deprecation (from CMF 2.4?) of the login/logout  
>> properties
>> as these will be replaced by action lookups. Is there any point in
>> maintaining the other properties as variables?

> After spending hours trying to understand the exception handling in
> Zope, I think the unauth redirect code should be completely removed from
> CookieCrumbler. An exception view seems to be a much more appropriate
> solution. I'll write a prototype and report back.

 From what I read of your posts on zope-dev this sounds reasonable. How  
would this affect CookieCrumbler? Get rid of the unauthorized and  
_unauthorized methods? There's probably not going to be much of  
CookieCrumbler left at the end of this. Although that might not be such a  
bad thing!

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