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Hiya Yuppie,

> Yes. You don't need that method for newstyle Actions. Just use this if
> you want to get the Action object:
> atool.user.login

hm, direct access by attributes, who'd have thunk it!? ;-)

> But you don't need the Action itself. You need the ActionInfo object.
> Use this to get the login url:
> target = atool.getActionInfo('user/login')['url']

So, it was me being thick...(I plead hayfever). I got confused looking at  
the various layers of ActionProviders, ActionCategories and ActionTools!

> And please don't forget that I plan to replace the unauth redirect code
> completely.

I haven't forgotten that. Login and Logout are definitely better  
definitely done as views as they depend upon working with the Request  

Maybe you could edit the CookieCrumbler interface so I don't waste more  
time on stuff that's being replaced anyway?

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