Am 20.04.2010, 16:21 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <>:

>>>>        @deprecate
>>>>        def getCookieMethod(name, default=None):
>>>>            """ Allow overridable cookie set/expiration methods."""
>>>>            return getattr(name, default)
>>> Why deprecated?
>> I'm assuming that this related to Methods that could be stored within  
>> the
>> CookieCrumbler when it was still a folder.
> Could be. +1 if you are sure it is useless.

Yuppie and me have nearly finished the work for this on a branch but we're  
not sure about this method.

I think it's a acquisition-based wart that's asking for trouble. It lets  
you define PythonScripts that could handle cookies for you but they must  
have the same names as the relevant CookieCrumbler suggestions and cannot  
be tested. If this behaviour is required then I'm guess it would be done  
differently either with actions as we're handling login/logout or perhaps  
with adapters. So I'd like to remove it without deprecation grace in the  
next release and tidy up CookieCrumbler accordingly.

Does anyone know of any CMF "customers" that would be adversely affected  
by this?

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