Am 27.06.2010, 17:53 Uhr, schrieb Enrique Perez <>:

> (In my thunderbird getting the list from gmane the formatting gets  
> right, but just in case, I attach a diff file).
> I have run the CMFCore tests on a  
> (not sure if it's the right place to run them) and they give the same  
> results with and without the patch, and commenting out or not the  
> container modification in the patch:

Hi Enrique,

I'm not going to comment on the patch because I personally find the  
context setting for templates a bit of black magic!

Regarding the best way to get a change done:

  * file a bug on launchpad for Products.CMFCore

  * check out Products.CMFCore from the main Zope repository:

  * write a test for the case

  * patch the source

  * add the patch with the test to the launchpad bug

Recently we've been having regular bug days so there is a good chance that  
the change will be included pretty quickly but I think this is heavily  
dependent upon a test being included.

If I understand you correctly, you want to backport this to CMF 2.2 for  
inclusion in Plone 4?

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