On 7/1/10 11:37 , yuppie wrote:
> Hi Tres!
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> Am 30.06.2010, 15:09 Uhr, schrieb Tres 
>>> Seaver<tseaver-npldouuzvjyamjb+lgu...@public.gmane.org>:
>>>> As a general rule, I would actually prefer that we strip out the
>>>> keywords currently in the code -- they are CVS-era fossils which no
>>>> longer add any value in the SVN + eggs world.
> Why are they "CVS-era fossils"? What special value did they add in the
> CVS world?
> I always thought we use the Id keyword because CVS or SVN metadata is
> not always available. In tarball or egg releases that kind of metadata
> is missing.

FWIW I have never felt a need for that information inside a tarball or 
egg, and agree with Tres that they make generating diffs between trees 
needlessly difficult.

> I would prefer if you would propose that on the zope-dev list. It
> doesn't make sense to remove them in CMF and to keep them in ZTK or Zope
> headers. And it doesn't make sense if just a few people remove them in a
> few places and other people follow the old policy.

I thought they already disappeared from most places by now. I'm can't 
remember seeing them for newly added code either.

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