Maybe you have noticed from my commits today, but we have some test
setup problems in Zope 2.13. I tried to solve those, but failed so
far. Unfortunately we don't have nightly test runs for any CMF + Zope
2.13 combination for a while, so I'm not sure when all the problems

One recent problem is due to my refactoring of Products.OFSP / OFS
though. I moved the registrations of all standard OFS types from the
initialize of OFSP into an initialize in OFS itself. In order for this
to be picked up, I added the five:registerPackage statement, including
a hint at the initialize function to OFS' configure.zcml.

During normal Zope startup this works fine and the initialize is
called. But we have a problem with ZopeTestCase based tests. So far it
did an installProduct('OFSP') call unconditionally at module scope. As
soon as someone imported it, the OFS types got registered. If the
ZopeLite layer was active, the call was deferred to its layer setup

In Zope 2.13 I removed the installProduct('OFSP') call, as it doesn't
do anything anymore (apart from registering help system stuff which
nobody needs in tests). But I cannot simply put an
installPackage('OFS') in there as a replacement. In order for that to
work, one needs to load the OFS.configure.zcml first (the
five:registerPackage to be exact). Since ZopeTestCase doesn't know
anything about ZCML setup so far, I don't want to introduce any such
handling. Consumers of ZopeTestCase have all dealt with ZCML loading
in various different ways and I expect even bigger problems when
changing anything there.

But this means any testcase that needs the OFS types (to show up in
all_meta_types for example) will need to set up the ZCML and call
installPackage itself. I tried to do this in CMFCore by adding a new
layer, but cannot get it to work. There's always some side-effects in
other tests. It doesn't help that installPackage internally does a
transaction.commit() in 2.12 but not in 2.13.

If anyone more familiar with the multitude of CMF test layers could
help, that would be much appreciated.

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