Am 13.07.2010, 00:50 Uhr, schrieb Tres Seaver <>:

> "What is this 'domain' you speak of?  The is no domain, there is only  
> xul!"

In password_form users get to set their own domains. I was trying to  
replicate this function in a browser view when I thought - "should portal  
members really be doing that?"

To quote Tres on IRC:

18:40   TresEquis       Charlie_X: domains should be set only by the admin
        TresEquis       as they bypass other authentication
        TresEquis       they aren't "member data" at all
18:41   TresEquis       ZMI only, in other words, probably only in PAS

I suggest it gets dropped at least from the user facing forms. There is  
minimal support for it in the portal_membership and portal_member_data  
which should probably be marked for removal in a future release.

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