On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 1:09 PM, yuppie <> wrote:
> The whole registerPackage concept is a can of worms. We need real ZCML
> directives for *all* the stuff currently done in initialization
> functions. And to deprecate the usage of initialize instead of expanding
> that old concept to non-product packages.

Right. I think it's not all that many things left there.

Zope2 has:

HelpSys (effectively deprecated)

CMF brings in:


I'd love to see someone tackle registerClass and at the same time
decouple ZMI add menu visibility and the OFS.CopySupport stuff. Well,
in general the CopySupport stuff could use some work and merging with
zope.copy / zope.copypastemove to correctly deal with persistent
parent pointers. But that's another story that also applies to the
ZEXP mechanism.

>> I reverted this now and all tests pass again. Both CMF 2.2 and CMF
>> trunk against Zope 2.13.
> I guess some more changes should be reverted. There is at least a
> ZopeTestCase.installPackage('OFS') in the FunctionalLayer of CMFCalendar.

I reverted the corresponding changeset and looked over my other
commits. I think that one was the only other change.

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