I started moving the dev buildouts from CMF.buildout to CMF.
(see https://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2010-August/029284.html)

If you are using CMF.buildout/trunk or 
CMF.buildout/branches/zope212-cmf23, please switch to CMF/trunk and let 
me know if it causes any trouble.

My goal is to have *one* branch for each CMF version. (Except of CMF 
2.1, which has also a non-buildout branch.) I think we have always a 
primary target platform that is used for development (e.g. Zope trunk 
for CMF trunk). And some additional supported platforms that are just 
used for running tests (e.g. latest Zope 2.12 release for CMF trunk). 
AFAICS it is sufficient to have additional cfg files instead of 
additional branches for the additional platforms.

If that concept works for everybody, I'll migrate the rest of the 
CMF.buildout branches.

BTW: CMF/trunk has some txt files with "OLD_" as prefix. AFAICS about 
20% of their content is still useful, so I did not delete them. But it 
would be nice if someone would clean them up.


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