I'm not happy with the current state of CMF trunk. Especially the 
syndication related changes cause trouble in different ways:

- SyndicationInformation was replaced by SyndicationInfo without 
providing migration code. Local syndication settings get lost in 
existing sites.

- In the ZMI the SyndicationTool no longer has a tab that allows to 
inspect and modify tool settings. The form that replaces the ZMI tab is 
broken: It uses datetime objects instead of DateTime objects and mixes 
them with existing DateTime settings.

Last week I reviewed parts of the new code and fixed some small issues. 
But the bigger issues still exist. Based on what I encountered I wrote 
this small guide: http://svn.zope.org/*checkout*/CMF/trunk/CODINGSTYLE.txt

Please keep the the trunk stable and use your own branch for unfinished 


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