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Hi Yuppie,

thanks very much for proposing and implementing this. It should make the  
whole "Member" thing a lot easier and safer to work with.

> 1.) MemberData factory lookup
> -----------------------------
> CMF 2.2 has a new feature that allows to register customized MemberData
> factories:
> That feature seems to be obsolete in CMF 2.3 because the MemberAdapter
> is now responsible for creating MemberData objects and AFAICS using
> customized MemberData with an un-customized MemberAdapter doesn't make
> much sense.
> Because CMF 2.3 will anyway break customized MemberData implementations
> I propose to remove the factory lookup completely in CMF 2.3.


I hope this doesn't break too much code for people.

> 2.) direct MemberData property access
> -------------------------------------
> Wrapped users are now MemberAdapter objects. So wrapped users no longer
> have attributes like 'email' or 'listed'. This is a security improvement
> because you can't bypass the API with its permission checks.
> But '' is more convenient than 'member.getProperty('email')'
> and used in many places. I fixed these in CMF itself, it I'm afraid that
> change will break a lot of third party code.
> I propose to add read-only properties that return the values in a modern
> format (datetime instead of DateTime, unicode instead of encoded  
> strings).

> Question:
> Should we support a fixed schema with the default member data properties
> or should we use a customized __getattr__ method?

If the access is always via the adapter then I would prefer a customised  

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