On 25 February 2011 14:08, Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com> wrote:
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> On 02/25/2011 05:53 AM, Godefroid Chapelle wrote:
>> Python2.6 has deprecated string exceptions.
>> However, I find about 15 string exceptions in CMF 2.2
>> I guess this is just something that was forgotten.
>> Can we consider this as a critical issue for next release ?
> "Critial" is not the right urgency for fixing deprecation warnings:
> nothing breaks, there is no security hole, etc.
> That being saie:  you've done the hard work (finding them): just go
> ahead and check the fix in.

As mentioned on the zope-dev list, string exceptions were actually
removed int Python 2.6. I still don't think it's critical though, it
just raises a TypeError now instead of a string exception.

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