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> IMHO it's not a metter of how popular a given tool is. It's a matter of
> where the developers/supporters hang out and what channels they use for
> accepting questions, bug reports or support requests. For the CMF that
> means this list or the Launchpad sites for the various components.
> If there's someone who wants to volunteer monitoring and answering
> requests on a separate channel, like that website, that's fine. But
> until that time people should be warned that posting requests somewhere
> else may not yield any results.

Indeed. It just so happens that stackoverflow is the official support
channel for Plone users as linked by http://plone.org/support

For our casual users and integrators mailing lists aren't a good fit
and using Nabble to mask mailing lists as web forums was only a minor

We continue to use mailing lists for core and add-on developers. And
of course it's up to the CMF developers to choose their official
support channels.

Just don't be alarmed if you see references to stackoverflow from time
to time - it's probably from people coming through Plone.

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