Am 07.08.2011, 17:13 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <>:

> The problem appears in CMFDefault.DiscussionItem.createReply on line  
> 251, where the newly created discussion reply is aqcuisition-wrapped in  
> the talkback object:
>        item = DiscussionItem( id, title=title, description=title )
>         self._container[id] = item
>         item = item.__of__(self)
> After the wrapping, the discussion item has the wrong path. Even though  
> "self", the "talkback" object, has the correct path when calling  
> getPhysicalPath on it. I can't see anything overly stupid in the  
> DiscussionItem code, so there has to be an issue with that Zope  
> getPhysicalPath change. Reverting that one change in the current Zope  
> trunk fixes the tests.


Hanno, have you got any stats on the optimisation? I looked briefly at the  
changes and I'm not sure if this is really worth it.

The revised method is significantly more complicated.

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