At the recent Zope 4 sprint in Berlin [1] Yuppie, Jens and myself briefly  
discussed making a 2.3 release. It is largely a matter of crossing the t's  
and dotting the i's:

* SyndicationTool needs testing with the PythonScripts and templates to  
make sure the extensive changes haven't broken them. The upgrade step  
needs writing and testing

* all my views that affect tool "properties" need to use the new  
SettingsForm view to be safe

* all my formlib-based views will revert to the standard CMF form display

* views only profile needs completing

* apparently the "absolut" skin can cause problems with used in  
combination with profiles. Yuppie, do you have any more information on  

* the views only profile is no longer experimental. I would like to be  
able to make this a base profile (with the "absolut" skin) but have hit  
problems with CMFCalendar requiring the standard CMFDefault skin

In Berlin we decided against a beta but I would actually like to test my  
existing sites against a new version, so a beta would probably be a good  

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