Laurence Rowe wrote:
Maybe I'm missing something, but the various methods of IURLTool rely
on portal.getPhysicalPath() returning the correct result. Take
getRelativeContentPath for example:

portal is at /folder/portal
content is at /folder/portal/content
getUtility(IURLTool).getPortalObject().getPhysicalPath() will be ['portal']
getUtility(IURLTool).getRelativeContentPath(content) will be ['porta',
'content'] instead of ['content']

You'd need to stop having any portals contained in folders, something
that's fine for new sites but will prevent upgrades.

Not sure who is missing something and what. Just a wild guess:

Are you aware of the fact that five.localsitemanager just removes the RequestContainer, not the complete acquisition chain?

And that CMF 2.3 adds a RequestContainer in getPortalObject()?

Cheers, Yuppie

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