Hi Charlie!

Charlie Clark wrote:
Am 05.09.2012, 09:07 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>:

The setup of your doctest looks fine, you just have to enable
syndication for the folder (app.site) to get the view.

Tests landed yesterday and I also ran them with the oldstyle


What is, in your view, missing from a final release?

Laurence proposed some changes for the utilities:

If we agree that's the way to go, I'd like to have his changes in CMF 2.3 before the final release.

All the other unfinished tasks can be deferred to CMF 2.4.

The last beta was at the end of March so maybe it's time for another one
to include all the formlib stuff you've worked on?

I use CMF trunk in production, so I don't need a beta release. But it might be a good idea if other people want a beta for testing.



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