Maurits van Rees <m.van.rees@...> writes:
> I have added a missing pin for z3c.recipe.scripts (1.0.1), which should 
> help there.

I'm surprised you found that pin missing. I thought I had removed all use
of that recipe from the CMF trunk builout, as it isn't compatible with
buildout 2 yet.

But maybe it's too ambitious to aim for buildout 2 / Zope 4 compatibility
for CMF trunk. I only tried to fix the sources and buildout so it would at
least run, after Zope was moved to github.

But of course there's code and test changes to be made to reach
compatibility with all the new zope.* 4.x versions. I'm not really up to
work on all of those. So if nobody else is interested in that work, maybe
it would be safer to aim for Zope 2.13 compatibility only at this point.


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