Just want to explain the changes I made on CMF trunk.

First a few words about names: CMF uses sometimes 'member area' and
sometimes 'home folder'. IMembershipTool has 'getHomeFolder' and
'getHomeUrl' methods as well as 'createMemberArea' and
'deleteMemberArea' methods. If there is a difference between the two
names, 'home folder' is just the folder and 'member area' the folder
including all subobjects. In my proposal I proposed to add portal types
named 'Members' and 'MemberArea', but I now changed this to 'Members
Folder' and 'Home Folder'. Hope that's ok.

'createMemberArea' now uses separate factories for creating member
areas. This allows to use the same method in CMFCore and CMFDefault. The
MembershipTool in CMFDefault no longer has a customized version of

For backwards compatibility I added two factories that are used if no
'Home Folder' portal type exists. 'cmf.folder.home.bbb1' is compatible
with the old CMFCore code, 'cmf.folder.home.bbb2' with the old
CMFDefault code. In that case the portal type of new home folders is
'Folder' as before.

The recommended factory is 'cmf.folder.home'. It no longer supports the
'createMemberContent' hook. It is now recommended to use a customized
factory instead. The two new portal types 'Members Folder' and 'Home
Folder' allow to customize factories and behavior.

For existing sites you can either switch to the new behavior by using
the two upgrade steps or just keep the old behavior.


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