On Oct 15, 2013, at 9:31 , Harald Friessnegger <har...@webmeisterei.com> wrote:

> hi jens
> sure, i'll forward port the changes to trunk too. just wanted to wait until 
> you guys are ok with it.
> normally i'd add Products.CMFCore to the plone cordev buildout to make sure 
> the new version gets released with plone.
> since the 2.2 branch still has failing tests, the checkout for 
> Products.CMFCore would get reverted again
> https://github.com/plone/buildout.coredev/blob/4.2/checkouts.cfg
> can you take a look at the failing tests?

If you run under Python 2.6, which as Yvo pointed out is the supported Python 
version for CMFCore 2.2, there are no failing tests.


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