On 05/13/2015 08:56 AM, Maurits van Rees wrote:
> yuppie schreef op 12-05-15 om 07:50:> Maurits van Rees wrote:
>  >> Can my branch be merged to trunk?  And could we get a release please?  I
>  >> would appreciate it.
>  >
>  > No objections from my side. Cheers, Yuppie
> I have merged my branch to trunk and have removed my branch.
> I cannot release to PyPI.  Only these people can:
>    tseaver, dataflake, esteele
> Can any of you make a release?
> I'l also ask Eric Steele off-list.

FWIW, please note that the work Maurits has done is on the svn.zope.org
repository, not on Github.

I'd like to reopen the question of moving the "active" CMF projects to Github:

- The CMF packages are the only ones being managed on svn.zope.org.

- New activity on other svn-only packages is always preceded by a
  migration to Github.

- The VM running svn.zope.org is slow.

- It also no longer has working commit mail delivery.

- Managing new SVN committers is effectively impossible for anybody but
  Jim, and he is not willing to put time into that effort.

Until we resolve that issue, I'd like to hold off on making releases.

I know that Yvo has philosophical / political objections to Github, and
would be glad to see a usable mirror somewhere (e.g., a Kallithea intstance
at 'git.zope.org' which synched from Github periodically, and to which Yvo
could submit pull requests).

I did see that Launchpad recently added support for Git repositories[1]
(full repos, rather than bzr imports of a branch).  Perhaps we could manage
the active branches on Github, and keep a read-only version on Launchpad.
Yvo could then fork the Launchpad repo, push changes to his fork, and
propose merges there.

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