[Andreas Jung]
> I am planning to make the release tomorrow (Saturday afternoon
> (German time :-)). So please make your final fixes very soon or cry out loud
> STOP if there are any show stoppers.

Barring an unexpected heart attack, an alpha-quality ZODB will be in
place for you by then.

Jim will not be able to merge his ZClasses changes in, so those will
have to wait for a later release.

All the substantive changes I needed to make were completed last
night, and the overnight test runs were successful.  I still need to
write up ZODB NEWS, fiddle the version numbers, make a 3.4a1 release
tag, and edit the svn:externals in Zope trunk to point at that tag. 
That's all very low risk, so just assume it's been done if I don't say
anything else later.
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