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> In BaseRequest.traverse(), when invalid credentials are supplied, the
> validation will return the special 'Anonymous User' and proceed. Later
> in the game, if the 'current user' (in this case 'Anonymous User') is
> not allowed to access something, an 'Unauthorized' exception is
> raised.

I was playing around with this when writing NTLMHTTPUserFolder.  We had a very 
strange bug that I tracked down to being that at some point in the security 
code (can't quite remember where) if Anonymous *could* access something then 
the user was being reported as Anonymous User.  Not the actual user.  Even if 
they were authenticated.  This resulted in REQUEST.AUTHENTICATED_USER being 
correct (the logged in user) but whatever code that writes the username at the 
top of a CMF/Plone site saying Anonymous User  (can't remember which method 
this is offhand -- getCurrentUser or something like that).

We also do something similar with dropping back to Anon.  In our use case we 
are using NTLM authentication in an intranet, but some users may be coming 
from untrusted domains.  We attempt to authenticate the user, but if the NTLM 
authentication from the DC fails, we accept the user anyway, return 200 and 
treat them as anonymous.

But in general I also agree with Tres and this should not go in yet without 
more testing.  If only 'cos it might break my wacky edge-case code ;)


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