[Andreas Jung]
> A quick diff over the the ZConfig trunk and the version 2.8 shows that the
> ZConfig version on the trunk is the "maintained" version. But I have no
> idea about zdaemon.

repos/main/XYZ/trunk is always "the official" current development home
for project XYZ.  Zope, Zope3, ZODB, ZConfig, zdaemon, ..., all are
exactly the same this way.

Initially, all external projects under SVN were copied into all client
projects.  So, e.g., ZODB and Zope and Zope3 currently all have their
own copies of ZConfig and zdaemon.  When I had more spare time, I
tried to keep them in synch -- but that ended months ago.

> From my point of view it would make sense to replace the copies in the 2.8
> tree with external references for the next beta...any objections?

People who think they understand those projects first need to make
tags, so Zope 2.8 has something to point _to_.  Also, Zope, Zope3, and
ZODB should all coordinate to make sure they're using the same tags
for zdaemon and ZConfig.  Else, e.g., I develop ZODB using a ZConfig
that doesn't match the one Zope uses, and then things break when Zope
moves to a newer ZODB.
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