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From my point of view it would make sense to replace the copies in the
2.8 tree with external references for the next beta...any objections?

People who think they understand those projects first need to make tags, so Zope 2.8 has something to point _to_. Also, Zope, Zope3, and ZODB should all coordinate to make sure they're using the same tags for zdaemon and ZConfig. Else, e.g., I develop ZODB using a ZConfig that doesn't match the one Zope uses, and then things break when Zope moves to a newer ZODB.

So am I right that you develop the ZODB already against two different ZConfig versions
(for Zope 2.8 and Zope 3)? So an unique ZConfig repository does make sense to you
- of course only it is used by everyone. For me it would make perfect sense to get
rid of the local copies since it removes the need to maintain multiple copies.
@Jim: what's your opinion on this subject?


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