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@Jim: what's your opinion on this subject?

Jim likes copies better than externals. If you can get him to explain why, you should win a fabulous prize <wink>. But, regardless, you and Brian (I think) are in charge of Zope 2.8 now, so "your project, your call" rules.

Well it is not my job to convince Jim of anything :-) I do care about Zope 2 and I will try to maintain it in a sane way and in way where we have little trouble and little time to spend instead of maintaining multiple versions of stuff laying around.

So for Zope 2.8 this means to me:

- the ZConfig and zdaemon should have a minimal release management (means
  stable released should be tagged properly)

- ZODB development can be done against any version

- ZODB releases should done against a dedicated ZConfig, zdaemon release
  (means something tagged)

- the local copies of ZConfig, zdaemon in Zope 2.8 will replaced by svn:externals
(using a dedicated tag)

The ZODB in 2.8 is currently not an svn:external but a local copy as well? Right?

It might also make sense to tag ZConfig+ZODB together since ZODB depends on ZConfig.


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