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- the ZConfig and zdaemon should have a minimal release management
 (means stable released should be tagged properly)

Definitely needed.

So let's do it. Amen. Tagging a package should not be so much overhead for the maintainer.

More generally, all releases of all projects P should be done against tags of all P's external dependencies.


The ZODB in 2.8 is currently not an svn:external but a local copy as
well? Right?

No. Do you ever use SVN <wink>? Go to a shell right now, cd to the root of a Zope 2.8 checkout, and type:

...still learning to fly :-)

The first time ZConfig and zdaemon get tagged, it's important that whoever do that first search all clients (ZODB and both Zopes) for changes to those checked in from a wrong project, and do merges back to ZConfig and zdaemon (I explained that dance last time) -- else those changes (if any) will get lost.

That's a job for loosers :-) but I will take it over for ZConfig and ZDaemon..
maybe not for the next beta but hopefully for the final for 2.8.1 release.


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