[Tim Peters]
>> The first time ZConfig and zdaemon get tagged, it's
>> important that whoever do that first search all
>> clients (ZODB and both Zopes) for changes to those
>> checked in from a wrong project, and do merges back
>> to ZConfig and zdaemon (I explained that dance last
>> time) -- else those changes (if any) will get lost.

[Andreas Jung]
> That's a job for loosers :-) but I will take it over for ZConfig and
> ZDaemon.. maybe not for the next beta but hopefully for the
> final for 2.8.1 release.

Cool!  Then save this message.  This is what needs to be done from
each client project:

    svn log -v -rHEAD:0 --stop-on-copy ZConfig zdaemon

This is done from the src/ directory of a Zope3 or ZODB checkout, or
from the lib/python/ directory of a Zope(2) trunk checkout.

It shows log messages for all the checkins made _to_ ZConfig and
zdaemon copies_from_ the project you run it in, back to the most
recent time a fresh copy was stitched in.  All those changes will be
lost unless they're merged back in to ZConfig/zdaemon.

I tried this quickly, and indeed checkins have been made to zdaemon
and ZConfig from all of (at least) Zope trunk, Zope 3 trunk, and ZODB
3.4 branch.  I didn't do any of them, so off the top of my head I
can't say more about them.  It can be a real PITA sorting this stuff
out (especially months after the fact) -- or it can be easy.  No way
to know without trying.

Note that it's not possible to check in changes "from a wrong project"
when svn externals are used, so these ongoing (so far) merge problems
go away when copies go away.
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