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I have an issue with WebDAV PUTs from/with Finder of Mac OS X 10.3.2. I'm
trying to upload an image to a plone site using my ATContentTypes 1.0
(svn development version) with Archetypes 1.3 (svn development version).
Uploading with ftp from my Mac box works fine. Also WebDAV uploads with
Transmit and Goliath from my Mac and Konqueror from my linux box is
working as expected but not from Finder.

I have hooked into PUT() with pdb. It shows some strange things.
REQUEST.BODY contains just an empty string ''. REQUEST.BODYFILE.read() is
an empty string, too. I am sure it worked some weeks ago.

Because only Finder uploads over http are broken it might be a Finder bug
introduced by the latest updates. Can anybody verify my approach? Is it a
Finder bug or an issue introduced by latest chances in the Zope sources?

I am not aware of any related changes lately. Maybe Sidnei knows about some
DAV issues?!


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