Yep, still problems, sorry ;-)

Seems like PluginIndexes/ should not import Five. How about getting interfaces from zope.interface?

File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/PluginIndexes/", line 18, in ?
    import PathIndex.PathIndex
File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/PluginIndexes/PathIndex/", line 32, in ?
    from Products.PluginIndexes.interfaces import IPathIndex
File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/PluginIndexes/", line 23, in ?
    from Products.Five.fiveconfigure import createZope2Bridge
File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/Five/", line 25, in ?
    from browser import BrowserView
File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/Five/", line 50, in ?
    from Products.Five.pagetemplatefile import FivePageTemplateFile
File "/Users/stefan/autotest/temp/python23-zope28/lib/python/ Products/Five/", line 22, in ? from Products.PageTemplates.PageTemplateFile import PageTemplateFile
ImportError: cannot import name PageTemplateFile

On 5. Jul 2005, at 12:56, yuppie wrote:

Stefan H. Holek wrote:

This appears to cause an import loop, i.e. PageTemplateFile -> ZTUtils -> ZCatalog -> Five -> PageTemplateFile ...

Oops! Sorry.

I partially reverted r30994. Please let me know if there are still problems.

Cheers, Yuppie

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