[Andreas Jung]
> Just the usual reminder from the release management :-) Zope 2.8.1 b1 will
> be released next Wednesday

Is this correct?  Please confirm.


still says

    2.8.1 b1: 2005/7/27 
    2.8.1 final: 2005/08/10

and "next Wednesday" is a week earlier than what that says.

> and 2.8.1 final two weeks later.

Which would be 8/3, again a week earlier than the published 8/10.

> Please commit any pending fixes for 2.8.1 before the beta 1 release
> and not between beta and final release.

This gets difficult for me (read ZODB) if I've got only 2 days now
instead of the 9 I planned on.
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