On 7/22/05, Florent Guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If someone does a checkin but is not subscribed with the correct mail
> to the zope-checkins list, the checkin doesn't appear there.
> This sucks.
> A number of checkins have gone under the radar in the last few months.

For the Zope 3 list, we hold such messages and approve them manually,
but they aren't discarded.  I'd thought the other checkin lists worked
the same way, but I don't know who's taking care of them.

> Could the checkin lists be changed to allow non-member posts?
> Or, if that's too much filtering work because of spam, could the

There is a lot of spam directed to the Zope 3 checkins list, so I
presume that's true of the others as well.

> generated checkin message come from a fixed "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" email
> that would be subscribed to the list (but receive no mail)?

We've looked at ways to help automate this; it seems it has a lot to
do with the level of Mailman-fu available.

But you're right, it is really annoying to not get the legitimate checkin mail.


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