Am Freitag, den 22.07.2005, 11:09 -0400 schrieb Tim Peters:
> [Florent Guillaume]
> > If someone does a checkin but is not subscribed with the correct mail
> > to the zope-checkins list, the checkin doesn't appear there.
> >
> > This sucks.
> > A number of checkins have gone under the radar in the last few months.
> >
> > Could the checkin lists be changed to allow non-member posts?
> > Or, if that's too much filtering work because of spam, could the
> > generated checkin message come from a fixed "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" email
> > that would be subscribed to the list (but receive no mail)?
> The zodb-checkins list is set to hold postings (for moderator review)
> from non-members.  I run that list, and approve/discard held postings
> as appropriate.  A steady trickle of spam gets sent to that list, so I
> wouldn't advise allowing non-member posting without moderator review. 
> The policy on zodb-checkins works fine (no spam gets thru, no legit
> checkin messages get lost).

Otoh, the checkin messages arent sent by the users but the repository.
Shouldnt repository sent messages not automatically accepted?

This does not affect spam in any way but drastically reduces 
maintenance efford.

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