Tres Seaver wrote:
> These errors are my fault, I think:  I changed the underlying
> 'publish_method' to behave "correctly", i.e. not capturing exceptions
> when 'handle_errors' was passed as False.
> I'll look at this when I'm back in the states, unless somebody finds
> the test which expects an error page rather than an exception /
> traceback first, and either turns off 'handle_errors=False' or changes
> the expected output.

The error occurs in Products/Five/tests/forms.txt, which means it needs
to be fixed in the Five repository, not in the Zope repository (at least
not permanently). Indeed nearly all the functional tests there set
handle_errors=False, which can be dropped to handle this situation
better. Alternatively the test can be altered to expect a Traceback ...


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