Thank you for the clarification, Tim.

On 3. Nov 2005, at 16:22, Tim Peters wrote:

The full deprecation msg spells it out in more detail:

subtransactions are deprecated; instead of transaction.commit (1), use transaction.savepoint(optimistic=True) in contexts where a subtransaction abort will never occur, or sp=transaction.savepoint() if later rollback is
    possible and then sp.rollback() instead of transaction.abort(1)

Last time *I* saw it, it said "subtransactions are deprecated; use transaction.savepoint() instead of transaction.commit(1)" ;-)

So, either way, the current code is a bit off target.  Best guess is
that you're not interested in *sub*transaction aborts here, so that
you do want to pass optimistic=True.

This is correct. I will pass True then.


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