Willadsens wrote:
The original problem, which is still happening, is the conflict error when a second client connects to the same database. The references I found on the net imply that one has to handle this condition themselves, by either trapping the exception and retrying, or using a semaphore. Are you saying this is not true, and the ZODB/ZEO handles this condition internally?

Ah, so you're using ZODB in a non-Zope context? If so, then you should probably be using zodb-dev@zope.org and not this list. This list is actually for relational database related stuff that has to do with zope.

In any case, I've never heard of using a sempahore in this instance, and that would effectively make your application single threaded.
I'd suggest building a mechanism that retries the ConflictError'ing code.

Can you give us more detail about what it is you're doing that's causing the ConflictErrors to be raised?



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