Hi Infor,

I have downloaded psycopg-2.0b2-win32-py23.exe.
python2.3 (windows versin) and Zope2.7.6 (windows
binaries). I had installed it. However, I had this
error message - MSVCR71.dll not found.  I do not have
MSVC++ compiler.
Yes, that's because the official python binary for windows is linked
against that dll. You may try pyMinGW, which is a patch to compile
python under MinGW and avoid such errors. You can get the patch and
the instrucctions here:


However, I don't advice you to use the generated python by MinGW in a
production server since I have heard the binaries generated by this
compiler aren't optimized like the official distribution and it may be
a performance issue.

I would first try with the binaries as I said previously:

1) Install the python 2.3.4 binary
2) Install the egenix mxDateTime extension for python 2.3 [1]
3) Install the psycopg binary (again for python 2.3)
4) Copy everything related to the genix mx extensions and psycopg from
   C:\python2.3\Lib\site-packages to

Generating your own binaries is also a nice homework, but if you are
thinking about using it in production environments, then you had better
use a decent C compiler. Even cgywin has been reported to produce a
slow python/zope binaries.

[1]: The Website www.egenix.com is now broken. Does anybody know where can one get this package?


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