> I have a client using an Oracle 10.1.0 database server and I 
> need to access that database from Zope. Which DA should I be using?
> mxODBC DA from egenix with and Oracle ODBC Driver (and if so 
> what ODBC driver would people recommend)
> ZOracleDA
> DCOracle2
> or something else?
> Everything will be running on Linuz (db and zope).

DCOracle2 = ZOracleDA (the latter is the name it gets *sometimes* when
installed as a Zope Product...no idea why, same beast though.)

I am not having any trouble using DCOracle2 against 10g on Linux (nor
with 10g client on Windows, for that matter)
...at least, not any trouble I didn't already have with 9i :-)  Never
tried the egenix product.


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