I have zope 2.7.3 (on redhat enterprise 3)

Our zope instance has run one week without the 'Data.fs' file (a human error). 
All transactions ware apparently written to 'Data.fs.tmp'. So zope has 
continued to run without any problem.

But, when I've restarted zope, all the content of Data.fs.tmp has been flushed 
! Hopefully, we have a backup of both files.

Please, how could I apply the transactions contained in this 'Data.fs.tmp' file 
to the 'Data.fs' database ? 

If it is not possible, how could I dump the content of the temporary file 
(Data.fs.tmp) just to have a list of modified/added/deleted documents and/or 
the users who did those modifications ?

Many thanks

Jérôme Nokin 
TRASYS - Security engineer 
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