Hi everyone, here you are a question from a new one in the Zope Word
I Have just installed an out of the Box Zope  2.8.1. in a win 2k box. I need to connect with Postgres ( PostgreSQL 8.0 in the same machine). Searching in the Zope web site I found that i need a connector Psycopg, i found the binary in http://www.zope.org/Members/pvl/PsycopgWin32 
After I unzip the file I found tree directories, I read what todo with the dll and mx folders BUT later It says "Place the database adapter folder in Zope products directory" I don`t Know exactly what to do.
After searching My first attempt was to going inside the Zope  control panel
choose the Product Management Link and  Add a product named ZPsycopgDA inside I try to add file by file of the thirth unziped folder but I couldn`t because one file is named __init__.py and zope send me a error message because I can`t load a file that begins with underscore  :(  :(
I load it with other name but I ca`t rename by the same razon
Can you help me, is my approach right with the product directory?
and how do you load a file beginninwith _ ( underscore)
And what is the righ kid of file to choose to load python file and dhtml files
Jose Luis Zaragoza
PD: By the way in Mexico a "Zope" is a typycal food,it`s ridiculous  to spend four nights trying to setup a  "near hotdog" software.

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