Hi all,
I would like to get some infos about an OracleStorage senario:
I have 2 zope servers: server A and server B.
Both are running same zope version (2.7.5).
In front of the servers there is a "load balancer" that choose at which server pass the web request (based of some internal "hidden to me" algoritms). The data should be in an Oracle DB. Please, don't ask me why. It's a "planning tie" :( I need the 2 servers to be able to read/write to the Oracle DB at the "same" time (the load balancer will alway switch the server...). By now, Just THE FIRST server I run Zope can have read/write permission on DB, but the SECOND one can only read (an error occurr when I try to create or modify any portal object). I should not use Zeo, because using Zeo I need to assign a Master and a Client server, and if the Master fail, the client will not work :(
Please, any suggestions? Did anybody ever used a configuration like this?
Thank you all very much.

aka Giorgio Pieretti
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