Hv u try using the ZSearchInterface calling your ZSQL method (below). Try it. It will solve your problem except the layout is not good looking.  Hiowever, you may to modify it to pass arguments to your ZSQL method.

Look for:
      <dtml-if previous-sequence>
           <a href="">
                (Previous <dtml-var previous-sequence-size> results)
           ;  </a>
       </dtml-if previous-sequence>
           <dtml-if next-sequence>
              <a href="">
                 (Next <dtml-var next-sequence-size> results)
              </dtml-if next-sequence>

Chan YH

Yes, you are right. Any other solution is welcome.

My ZSQLMethos is:

date_format(CONCAT(datej,'-',datem,'-00'),'%m.%Y') as "Abr._Monat"
, cardno as Kartennummer
,concat(pid_org,"-",bst) as ORG
,CONV(customer,10,10) as ID
,IFNULL(date_format(birthday,'%d.%m.%Y'), '&nsbp;') as Geburtstag
as EURO_Start
from AlterOrtEuro

cardno like

and need the arguments above.

works well for the first page. But, at the bottom we have the (Next 20
results) and there in the link,
is no refenence to
"...... manage_test?
as there is in the current page.

Naturally, when the next page is displayed, ( ...
manage_test?query_start=26&query='' )

the (bold) parameters from the first page are ignored and a new page is
displayed as if no arguments were relevant.

Why is 'query=''' empty ?
How would you do it ?

mit freundlichen Gr��en/best regards

Wolfgang Schrecker

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while pa rtiality to the objective leads to an emphasis on the material"
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